About Us

We founded our company based on a belief in perpetuating the Hawaiian tradition of reverence for the land and the practice of stewardship that celebrates the connection between all things.

Our organic farm is located in the Kula Dstrict of up-country Maui. Rich with volcanic soil, this area has been farmed since ancient times. It is here that the idea for Hawaii Sea Spirits took shape.

We named our first product Ocean Organic Vodka because it is the great blue expanse that connects us all. Connection runs through everything at Hawai’i Sea Spirits.

A pure expression of Hawaii, Ocean Organic Vodka would stand among the best vodkas in the world, a gift to celebrate the connection we share with each other, with the land, and with the sea.

During the long months family and friends spent at work with pick and shovel, hewing a working farm and distillery from the hard red dirt, it was this idea that sustained their efforts.

When the well was drilled and the buildings went up and the column still was erected, the first glasses of organic vodka were raised, this is what was toasted.

Tasting Ocean Vodka conjures the soft feeling of an island morning, a whisper of sweet sugar cane, and the warmth of a tropical day.