OCEAN Organic Vodka is thrilled to be featured at the BrainFood San Francisco event on Thursday, August 20.  Joining a panel of professionals representing Twitter, VentureBeat Insights, and Forbes, the group will address how to use metric and data to drive marketing. Discussions will focus on the latest trends in social media and PR; new developments in data-driven communications and what publicly available data can tell you about your business, your audience, and your competition.
– How do you prove your ROI when all your executives understand is numbers?
– What does it take to get top social media influencers on your side?
– When everyone already knows everything about you, how do you stay ahead of the competition?

OCEAN’s presentation focuses around our outreach growth over the past nine years, starting as a small family dream on an island in the middle of the Pacific. You can see your “Spirit of OCEAN” trailer here.

Thanks for loving OCEAN Organic Vodka and remember…Life is a Journey, Toast the Voyage!

Elaine Filadelfo
Data Editor, Twitter
Elaine Filadelfo is experienced with both product and consumer communications for major technology companies. Working at the intersection of data science and communications, Elaine develops ways for Twitter to tells its story via data and research.
Kristin Hettermann
Director of Corporate Communications, OCEAN Organic Vodka
Kristin Hettermann is a communications specialist with over thirteen years of international experience across industries, helping launch and grow brands and execute stellar events. With a wide array of skills and experience, she is full of positive energy, and celebrates a conscious approach to business.
Robert Wynne
Columnist, Forbes
Robert Wynne has consulted for large PR firms, startups and leading universities. He tackles the nuances of, and misconceptions about, public relations. He provides targeted advice on how to contact reporters, how to make your story attractive to the media, how to produce events and how to work with PR firms to increase your profile.
Stewart Rogers
Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Insights
Stewart Rogers has over 25 years experience of sales, marketing, managing and mentoring in the software and IT industries. He’s currently Director, Marketing Technology at VB Insight. He has been asked to contribute to several sales and marketing publications including books such as Email Marketing by the Numbers by Chris Baggott and Get Rich Blogging by Zoe Griffin.