Discovery Awaits

The Farm

A light breeze ruffles the sugar cane planted in loose rows along the northern boundary of the farm. Thousands of years ago it filled the sails of the Polynesian voyaging outriggers that brought the first people to Maui.

Like their farms, our 80-acre farm is organic. It is the home of Hawaii Sea Spirits, makers of Ocean Organic Vodka.

Before it was a farm it was an idea that was wrestled out of thorn bushes, rock, and red dirt.

Friends and family were enlisted. Months passed in a blur of sweat. The land was cleared. Heirloom sugar cane varieties were planted. And a working distillery was built.

Many fine vodkas are produced worldwide. But there is nothing quite like Ocean Organic Vodka, or the farm where it’s made. Come visit.

Take in the land, the sky and the breeze. Enjoy some of the best vodka you’ll find anywhere.