You can make your own organic, gluten-free vanilla extract at home with OCEAN Organic Vodka!

One of our OCEAN fans, Mia Nomoto, sent us this easy recipe and a note about her personal interest in OCEAN Organic Vodka.

Take 8 whole organic vanilla beans and split them in half lengthwise (leaving the two ends intact).  Place vanilla beans into the bottle of vodka for 6 months.  Shake it occasionally and leave it in the pantry.

“To support my health, my diet of choice is wheat-free, sugar-free, organic, non-gmo, vegetarian, low glycemic.  I have friends and family who have a gluten-free diet, so I like to keep my cooking and baking all gluten-free.  I use vanilla extract in many of my gluten/sugar-free desserts, including cookies, lemon bars, dehydrated donuts, cupcakes, coconut milk ice cream, fruit crisps, to name a few.

There are some gluten-free vodka options on the market, but I wanted an organic gluten-free vodka to make my home made vanilla extract with.  I was pleased to find OCEAN Vodka during my online search.  I have found that it is more cost effective to make my own organic vanilla extract.  I LOVE Maui so this is extra special that OCEAN Vodka is made there.  I feel that I am making the best quality and best tasting vanilla extract available.  Thank you OCEAN Vodka!”